GE 5751 Triple Mica Gray Plates

General Electric USAF 5751 Triple Mica Gray Plates Early 1960's
These are the best of the GE gray plate 5751s. General Electric made these tubes in the very early 60's only. We have the JG and USAF (United States Air Force) designations which are the same tubes though.

Quantity in Stock : 10 pcs
Price :  US$49.00/each  NOS in original military box
           (Add $5.00/each for close sections/balanced triodes) 


  1. Clarity, no noise, transparent and powerful sound!!! Ideal for the Stevie Ray Vaughan sound in V2 position. For the SRV sound,a tricks: pull off the V1 tubes and disconect the tremolo circuit for more harmonic and midle (alpha pots with switch in place the standard pots).

    Thanks Koray for all your answer and superb NOS tubes.


  2. Received triple mica blackplate Ge 5751, low microphonics , great sound, fast delivery,i have appreciate particularly the small rigid box that avoid eventual postal damages
    ! very professional
    David , France

  3. I've been using these in V1 of my H&K Triamp combo amp with 4x 6L6GC. Very happy with the results: perfectly clean, articulate and detailed sound without becoming too sterile. Removes just the right ammount of gain and hair for me, while still being able to get some grit when I want to.

    Service from Koray was great as well. Two thumbs up!

    Best regards,

    Dries from Antwerp, Belgium

  4. I received the valves quicky (in France) - good packaging -
    The sound is very clear and smooth - good bass - using with a hifi preamplifier (CJ PV10B).
    Hubert, France.

  5. This gray version are very close second to the black plate at lower cost. Warmer and more laid back compared to the black plate. Bass not as deep as the black plate but more punch and control. I am buying some more. Thank you Koray.

  6. Very cool tube. Received a matched pair of the USAF. Took 20 or so hours before they started to bloom. Beautiful mid range and focused bass. A bit rolled off on the high end but natural and balanced. Comes alive with some volume and has the ability to bring Paul McCartney's bass guitar into your room! Smooth and brings out the beautiful tonality of vintage amps and instruments on recordings. Not as bright as the BP version but warmer and focused. Motown, Stax and other 60's recordings a real treat! Also super cool to think these were made when John F Kennedy with president of the US in 1963!

    Garth from New York

  7. These are fantastic tubes for fender amps.



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