RAYTHEON 5814 Double and Triple Mica Black Plates

RAYTHEON JAN CRP 5814 Black Plates & JAN CRP 5814 Triple Mica Black Plates
Military spec tube made in the 1950's. One of the most sought after American 12AU7 variant together with the CBS-Hytron 5814s. Tube rollers find their sonics very similar too. All tubes have square getters on the top. Two different versions are available: Two mica and Triple Mica at the same price. Although the label quality may vary, these all are NOS & MINT. We have some stock labeled and boxed for Heintz and Kaufman as well. Matched pairs available. 

Quantity in Stock : 27 pcs
Price : Grade A @ US$44,00/ea ; US$90,00/matched pair
           Grade B @ US$39,00/ea ; US$80,00/matched pair


  1. Did Raytheon ever make a military grade long black plate triple mica tube? Just curious.

  2. No! All the Raytheon 5814/12AU7 triple mica types regardless of being black or gray plate have short plates only.

    1. Thanks for the information. I could not find any information either way with multiple searches. Might have to try an RCA long black plate military grade tube.

  3. Yes, I love these black plates. They have a smooth, creamy, detailed sound; An upgrade for my Prima Luna Dialogue Premium preamp. The triple mica is a recipe for low microphonics too.


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