A reliable classic American military spec 12AX7 with warm tone. These are earlier JHS versions from 1960's and have long gray plates with copper grid posts and halo getters. Besides the NOS ones, we have pull-out tubes testing new as well. All come tested for noise and microphonics. Matched pairs available.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price :  NOS @ US$39,00/each
           Pull-Out tubes testing NEW @ US$26,00/each

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  1. love tubes,they seem to have a life of their own,,,,most of what i deal with are my gtr amps,,it`s a damn shame that i can hear and feel a difference in pre-amp tubes(and power tubes as well),,,i usually order from memphis and they are here in a couple of days but sir your selection is austere and profound and makes the hair on the back of neck tingle wishing u did have paypal to offset my anticipatory feelings,but hey let me place an order anyway then u call me collect.


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