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SYLVANIA JHS 5814A Triple Mica Gray Plates

SYLVANIA JHS 5814A USA Triple Mica Gray Plates
These are from early 1960's (1963-64) and have robust build with triple thick mica spacers, side support rods, copper grid posts and halo getter. Very low noise and microphonics thanks to the build quality. Very balanced/cohesive/neutral/musical sounding tubes.

Quantity is Stock : 34 pcs
Price :  Grade A @ US$18,00/ea ; US$38,00/matched pair
           Grade B @ US$15,00/ea ; US$32,00/matched pair

Grade A - The best in the stock. Lowest noise and microphony with the tightest balanced sections we have available. This is typically 10% or often tighter given the large volumes of our stock.
Grade B - Low noise and microphonics with a section balance typically between 15% and 20%, but may be higher depending on available stock.


  1. Koray always offers great support and advice. Love these Sylvania's. What I read was spot on. They are a "best buy" considering the superb quality and tone. I barely have 10 hours on these and they sound brilliant. Rich mid spectrum (with some magic in the lower mids), a fat, focused bass and a natural high end. Not airy but clean and natural. My system is a bit on the bright side and I'm currently running these with GE 5751 USAF grey plates in the 12AX7 position. Warm, wide with excellent imaging and detail. A ridiculous price for such a stellar find.

    Garth from New York

  2. I recently received these tubes and already I love them very much. They sound wonderful in my audiophile preamplifier. Detailed, bright and neutral with great bottom and highs... A great value indeed... Shipping was fast and valves were very well packed. Many, Many Thanks, Koray!

    Joaquim from France


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