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BRIMAR 12AT7 / CV4024 / CV455 Triple Mica Black Box Plates

Brimar 12AT7 / CV4024 / CV455 Triple Mica Black Box Plates
Made in UK at the Brimar Footscray factory. This tube features large black box plates unique to itself. Sonically, these have breathtaking soundstage and instrument separation combined with again deep, powerful bass and natural warm mid range. A solid performer taking the audience to the performance venue. This batch in stock is the earliest ones with triple mica, some with large O-getter and some with Square getter.
Quantity in Stock : 14 pcs 
Price :  US$45,00/ea ; US$95,00/matched pair

1 comment:

  1. This is my favorite of the 12AT7/ECC81's. It is sweet sounding and has a nice midrange. I wouldn't be surprised if this tube went 10,000+ hours judging by how well in is built.


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