RCA 5751 Black Plates

RCA 5751 Black Plates
Premium 5751/12AX7 with 2 mica spacers and 2 support rods to ensure low microphonics. These are from German Government stock with falcon logos. One of the best ever made 5751 tubes. Low noise, good texture. Great for guitar and phono... A few singles labeled for National and Heintz & Kaufman are also available.

Quantity in Stock : 19 pcs
Price : US$ 85.00/each;   US$ 175.00/matched pair  


  1. Tubes arrived very well packaged and protected.
    They are in very good condition with clearly legible branding. Most importantly they sound excellent. Will buy from here again.

  2. Realy amazing sound! Six month ago, i buy one of the same tubes on an other internet shop in the usa for 95$... Koray sell the same in better condition just for 38$...
    This tube is great with my Fender Champ 1957.
    Thanks Koray for your good deal and perfect tubes.

    Damien / Geneva / Switzerland

  3. Klaus Denmark.
    Very good tube,low noise and superp sound.
    Thanks Koray.

  4. Sergii Ukraine

    Very good tubes, very closed sections (absolutely match pair).
    My amp Leben CS300XS sounds now much better than with new production tubes.
    Very easy to buy.
    Thank you Koray for good cooperation.

    1. Dear Sergii
      I all so own an Leben cx300. Did you try some other than this and standard sovtec? Because I've very sensitive speakers I hope this give a bit less humm in the spaeker than the standard one. I thought the 5751 as only 70 mu and hoped that why they give less humm.
      Best regards Yves

  5. Klaus Denmark.
    I love the sound in this tube.

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  7. JS, Norway

    Dear Mr Kural
    One of my favourites, this one!
    It has a warm involving sound, and I feel it's all there - nothing is missing, from top to bottom.
    It's a quiet one too, with no added noise in my system.

  8. Very good quality tubes, nice sound, nice matching, nice contact to Mr. Kural and perfect service - recommended!

    Robert Bastani

  9. I had a gut feeling I should try this tube. I installed this RCA 5751 Black Plate in my AC15, and that's where it will stay. Awesome breakup! Perfect dynamics, perfect balance! It's as if this tube was made for my amp. Might I add: shipping was fast, Koray is a pleasure to deal with, and tube quality/price is unsurpassed. Very happy customer.

  10. Excellent RCA 5751 Black Plate, friendly service and fast shipping. Highly recommended.

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  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Recommended by Mr. Koray for my Primaluna Dialogue One amplifier. The amp's new sound is amazing. Matches quite well with the RCA 12AU7 clear tops. I am happy and thankful.

  14. I purchased a pair of 5751 RCA black plates branded National years ago. They are doing a fine job now in a pair of Quicksilver Mono 90's. Great quality tubes.
    Just would buy from Koray without hesitation!

  15. RCA 5751 Black Plate is still going strong in my Fender Champ Amp. It has been in there four years!

  16. I purchased 3 of the RCA Black Plates for the line stage of my conrad-johnson preamp about 3 weeks ago. This is the 3rd time I've purchased tubes based on Koray's recommendations and have never been anything but ecstatic about them. These tubes sound beautiful. Wide soundstage, smooth high end and solid bass. I listen predominantly to classical and jazz, and strongly recommend these. Thanks again Koray!


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