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RCA 6AK5 / EF95

RCA 6AK5 / EF95 USA Black and Gray Plates
A miniature 7-pin sharp-cutoff pentode. Very popular tube for head phone amplifiers and tube buffers such as Little Dot amps, Yaqin CDs and amps, Grant Fidelity and Dark Voice. We have both black and gray plate versions in stock.

Quantity in Stock : 24 pcs
Price : US$15,00/each; US$32,00/matched pair (Black Plate)
          US$12,00/each; US$26,00/matched pair (Gray Plate) 

RCA 12BY7A / 12BV7

RCA 12BY7A / 12BV7
Primarily a miniature power pentode designed for TV/Video. Also has some use in ham radio (YAESU COLLINS KENWOOD DRAKE) and hi-fi like Harman Kardon Citation amps. These tubes were made in Brazil, and feature smoked glass, top halo getter.

Quantity in Stock : 20 pcs
Price : US$11,00/each; US$24,00/matched pair 

General Electric 6HS6

General Electric 6HS6 USA
IF/RF sharp cutoff pentode with very high transconductance at a low plate voltage. Used in the SB/HW transceivers and some Fisher, Scott FM tuners. A scarce tube today!

Quantity in Stock : 25 pcs
Price : US$39,00/each

RCA 6080

RCA 6080 USA
Dual power triode. Intended for use as series voltage regulator, but currently popular output tube for some headphone amps and other OTL amps.

Quantity in Stock : 8 pcs
Price : US$15,00/each; US$32,00/matched pair
         (Add $8,00/each for balanced sections)

RCA 0C3 / VR105

RCA 0C3 / VR105 USA
Made in USA, late 1950's and early 1960's by RCA. Octal socket, two element gas filled, cold cathode voltage regulators 105V 30 mA

Quantity in Stock : 15 pcs
Price : US$14,00/each


SYLVANIA JAN CHS 6SN7WGT Gold Brand Mil. Spec  1961
Made in 1961, USA by Sylvania. These are military spec version of Gold Brand line with gold lettering. The tubes feature brown base, black plates and O-Getter. Smooth, open, detailed sound with tight bass.

Quantity in Stock : 20 pcs
Price : Grade A @ US$69,00/ea ; US$146,00/matched pair
          Grade B @ US$59,00/ea ; US$126,00/matched pair  

Grade A - The best in the stock. Lowest noise and microphony with the tightest balanced sections we have available. This is typically 10% or often tighter given the large volumes of our stock.
Grade B - Low noise and microphonics with a section balance typically between 15% and 20%, but may be higher depending on available stock.

SIEMENS E288CC W. Germany

SIEMENS E288CC W. Germany Late 1960's
Factory screened low noise, long life dual triode tube similar to 6922 and 7308 types in a little taller glass and a bit higher filament current draw. Our stock tubes feature A-frame getter and gold pins, and are mostly (100 pcs) labeled and boxed for VALVO with factory codes : 6N 3K - 6N 3J - 6N 3L. The Siemens labeled ones (10 pcs) have the following codes : 6N 3C and 6N 3D.
These tubes come screened and selected for low noise and microphonics.

Quantity is Stock : 110 pcs
Price : US$89,00/ea ; US$182,00/matched pair


SYLVANIA 6L6WGB USA 1960 & 70's

SYLVANIA 6L6WGB USA 1960 & 70's
This is a guitar classic. Most of the stock are rugged mil spec JAN tubes which are designed for brutal conditions. Even though the specs state 400V max, 23 watt tube, these and some GE 6L6WGB's are said to be more than this : Simply a 6L6GC in a short bottle to meet military size specifications. These have transparent, warm and musical sound. These come tested and matched 350v on plate with Amplitrex AT1000.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : US$46,00/each; US$97,00/matched pair

TUNGSRAM EL84 / 6BQ5 Hungary

TUNGSRAM EL84 / 6BQ5 Hungary
A power pentode tube. And, another excellent product from Tungsram. These are from 1960 and 70's. The VTV Magazine Issue 8 finds this tube  "harmonically rich  with a nice hard-rock sound" for guitar amps. Their review for hi-fi amps says :  "It was actually a great performer. This EL84 had lots of air and was very 3-dimensional sounding. It also had lots of punch and great tonal balance. The Tungsram EL84 was very enjoyable and musically involving."
Please note that the intensive silvery metallic deposit/flashing on the inside of the glass, around the dual plate holes are not burn marks, but these are magnesium fall-outs originated during manufacturing. This is something peculiar to some Tungsram tubes including EL84's. Existence and form of the flasing vary from tube to tube. A part of the stock are labeled for RSD and Philips.
Quantity in Stock : 50 pcs
Price : US$46,00/each; US$97,00/matched pair

Amperex 6922 / E88CC USA

HP by Amperex 6922 / E88CC USA
Made in 1970 by Amperex New York/USA factory and labeled for Hewlett and Packard. These have gray riser, dual stage O-getter and gold pins. One of the most popular audiophile tubes! These are PULL-OUT's from military equipment, but cosmetically near-mint and electrically in NOS condition. They come screened for noise and microphonics.

Quantity in Stock : 15 pcs
Price : US$62,00/each; US$129,00/matched pair 

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