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CBS 5692

CBS / HYTRON 5692 Triple Mica Black Plates
Made by CBS/Hytron in the late 1950s. Sweet sounding tubes with smooth low end and crisp highs. One of the pairs are relabeled for Standard Electric.

Quantity in Stock: 5 pcs
Price: US$ 135.00/each; US$ 275.00/matched pair


The ultimate EF86 with clear, accurate, fine detailed sound for tube microphones like Neumann and preamps, line stages as well as boutique guitar amps. It has plenty of gain, but it sounds smooth and dynamic with so much lower noise floor. These come in original SEALED boxes.

Quantity in Stock : 5 pcs
Price : US$ 159.00/each

RCA 6SN7GT / VT-231 Smoke Glass

RCA 6SN7GT / VT-231 Smoke Glass
Manufactured by RCA in the mid-1940s. These famous smoke glass tubes are guranteed to improve the performance of your system. Most of the tubes in stock are relabeled for Raytheon.

Quantity in Stock: 11 pcs
Price: US$ 115.00/each; US$ 235.00/matched pair



EI-Elektronska Industrija ECC82
Awesome sounding 12AU7 from pre-war Yugo...
Ei Yugoslavia bought all of the old Telefunken stock and equipment in the 1970s, and produced these tubes, identical to original Telefunken smoothplates! These were about the best to come out of Eastern Europe in the late 1970s, they even flash orange when energized like the vintage European tubes do. These come labeled and boxed for Philips.

Quantity in Stock : 9 pcs
Price: US$ 75.00/each; 155.00/matched pair

Mullard EF86

Mullard EF86 by Philips/Amperex
Made by the Heerlen factory of Philips/Amperex in Holland with production date of 1975. All have silver mesh shields. These are from the same batch and labeled for Mullard.

Quantity in Stock : 5 pcs
Price : US$ 49.00/each; US$ 103.00/matched pair

Mullard EF86 Solid Shield

Mullard EF86 Solid Shield 1960s
Made by Blackburn Works in the 1960s. These have solid silver shield and o-getter. Some tubes are labeled for Brimar and Philips Miniwatt. Excellent Mullard quality.

Quantity in Stock: 11 pcs
Price: US$ 69.00/each; US$ 145.00/matched pair

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