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One of the audiophile 12AT7 tubes. All of them have diamond mark in the bottom.  These are pull-outs from military equipment. We selected those tested strong for you to enjoy. Screened for low noise and microphonics!

Quantity in Stock: 32 pcs 
Price: US$ 34.00/each; US$ 72.00/matched pair 




A twin triode essentially designed for the front end stages of FM tuners. Besides the tuners, many amps, preamps use the ECC85 for driving and phase inversion purposes. These are from the same 1967 batch manufactured by Siemens/Munich factory.

Quantity in Stock: 20 pcs
Price: US$ 59.00/each; US$ 132.00/matched pair

Marconi - Westinghouse - GE 6V6G

Marconi - Westinghouse - GE 6V6G 

A beam tetrode in classic ST-Shape envelope manufactured in the 1940s, Canada. This classic envelope is 43 mm in diameter and, excluding the base pins, is 100 mm tall. All tubes are smoke coated and internally/externally identical except for the labeling. Matched pairs come under the same label.

Quantity in Stock: 36 pcs

Prices: US$ 45.00/each; US$ 95.00/matched pair

TELEFUNKEN ECC83 / 12AX7 Smooth Plates

TELEFUNKEN ECC83 / 12AX7 Smooth Plates

Probably the most sought-after audiophile 12AX7 ever made. These have long smooth plates and diamond mark in the bottom. Their production date to the 1960s and early 70s. All of them are pull-outs from military equipment. We selected those tested around 100% and higher for you to enjoy. Screened for low noise and microphonics!

Quantity in Stock: 21 pcs 

Price: US$ 89.00/each; US$ 182.00/matched pair                                                                                                                           

RCA 2A3 Power Triode


The 2A3 is a popular audio power triode that is still used in amplifier designs. Our stock are those with two triode assemblies within a common anode. Most of the tubes are military stock with dual dark grey plates from the 1950s in original boxes. 

Quantity in Stock: 32 pcs    

Price: US$ 185.00/each; US$ 375.00/matched pair                                                                                                                          

West European EF184 Selection

West European EF184 Selection

A high gain frame-grid sharp cut-off pentode. Recently gained popularity as driver in triode wired mode. Various brands in stock such as Philips, Philips Miniwatt, Mullard, HP by Amperex, Westinghouse by Philips. POPE, Valvo etc. Matched pairs will come with the same labels.

Quantity in Stock : 40 pcs
Price : US$ 15,00/each ; US$ 32,00/matched pair 


Probably the most popular power pentode tube... The oldest production of Tesla, made in Czechoslovakia.  These have single "O" getter, welded plates and brown base, and were made with Philips tooling as a good copy of the famous Mullard xF2 line. A rare version and very hard to find in true NOS condition like these. No label imprinted on the tubes since these were imported for gov't & military use to the West during those early cold-war days.

Quantity in Stock : 40 pcs
Price : US$ 95,00/each; US$ 195,00/matched pair; US$ 395,00/matched quad

BRIMAR CV133 / L77 / EC90 / 6C4

 BRIMAR CV133 / L77 / EC90 / 6C4

The 6C4 is a miniature, medium-mu triode approximately similar to one section of 12AU7. It is useful as a local oscillator in high frequency circuits and as a power amp in RF circuits. It is a common tube in Conrad Johnson and some Heathkit amps. These Brimar tubes have black box plates.

Quantity in Stock : 65 pcs
Price : US$ 15.00/each ; US$ 32.00/matched pair   

Telefunken/Philips/Siemens/Valvo E80CC

Telefunken/Philips/Siemens/Valvo E80CC 
A ruggedized double triode of frame grid construction introduced in 1957. This type was manufactured only in Holland by Philips/Amperex and in Hungary by Tungsram. Technically it is similar to ECC82/12AU7 with slightly different operating parameters and double the filament current requirements. It is nowadays a popular replacement for 12AU7 as long as its EL84-like size and power transformer capacity allows. The E80CC is my personal favorite 12AU7. These tubes have halo getter and gold pins, and sound like a Telefunken ECC802S on steroids that means an absolute audiophile hi-end!! Strongly recommended! The Holland tubes in stock have various labels such as Siemens, Philips, Philips Miniwatt, Telefunken, Valvo and Teonex. These come screened for noise and microphonics.
Quantity : 25 pcs
Price : US$ 75.00/each ; US$ 155.00/matched pair
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