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RCA 5751 Black Plates

RCA 5751 Black Plates
Premium 5751/12AX7 with 2 mica spacers and 2 support rods to ensure low microphonics. One of the best ever made 5751 tubes. Low noise, good texture. Great for guitar and phono... These are military spec tubes coming in original boxes. A few singles labeled for National and Heintz & Kaufman are also available.

Quantity in Stock : 13 pcs
Price : US$ 85.00/each; US$ 175.00/matched pair    

PHILIPS Miniwatt E83F Early 1950s & Haltron/Tungsram E83F

PHILIPS Miniwatt E83F Early 1950s & Haltron/Tungsram E83F
A pentode made for Telephone Services by Heerlen/Holland factory (Delta code) of Philips in the early 1950s. Only two pieces of these are available. The third tube in the picture is a Tungsram with rhodium pins relabeled for Haltron/England. 

Quantity in Stock : 3 pcs 
Price : US$ 39.00/each

PHILIPS/Amperex E83F

PHILIPS/Amperex E83F Early 1960s
Special Quality pentode made for Telephone Services by Heerlen/Holland factory (Delta code) of Philips in early 1960s. These beautiful tubes have gold pins and a life expectancy in excess of 10,000 hours. Labeled as Philips SQ (Special Quality), Mullard and Siemens.

Quantity in Stock : 5 pcs 
Price : US$ 39.00/each

TELEFUNKEN ECC83 / 12AX7 Smooth Plates

TELEFUNKEN ECC83 / 12AX7 Smooth Plates
Probably the most sought-after audiophile 12AX7 ever made. These have long smooth plates and diamond mark in the bottom. Their production date to the 1960s and early 70s. All of these are in original boxes in pristine condition. Screened for low noise and microphonics!

Quantity in Stock: 32 pcs
Price: US$ 159.00/each; US$ 325.00/matched pair 

TELEFUNKEN EF804 (< >) W.Germany

TELEFUNKEN EF804 (< >) W.Germany
Telefunken EF804 tubes were made for the professional audio/recording industry where these were used in microphones and mic preamps. These tubes, having diamond (< >) in the bottom, are Ulm factory production. Most of the tubes in stock were relabeled and boxed for CEI/USA.

Quantity in Stock : 22 pcs
Price : US$ 49.00/each 
          (Add $5,00 for matching) 

CBS 5692

CBS / HYTRON 5692 Triple Mica Black Plates
Made by CBS/Hytron in the late 1950s. Sweet sounding tubes with smooth low end and crisp highs. One of the pairs are relabeled for Standard Electric.

Quantity in Stock: 5 pcs
Price: US$ 135.00/each; US$ 275.00/matched pair

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