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Mullard EF86

Mullard EF86 by Philips/Amperex
Made by the Heerlen factory of Philips/Amperex in Holland with production date of 1975. All have silver mesh shields. These are from the same batch and labeled for Mullard.

Quantity in Stock : 5 pcs
Price : US$ 49.00/each; US$ 103.00/matched pair

Mullard EF86 Solid Shield

Mullard EF86 Solid Shield 1960s
Made by Blackburn Works in the 1960s. These have solid silver shield and o-getter. Some tubes are labeled for Brimar and Philips Miniwatt. Excellent Mullard quality.

Quantity in Stock: 11 pcs
Price: US$ 69.00/each; US$ 145.00/matched pair

Mullard EF86 Long Plate

Mullard EF86 Long Plate 1950s
Made by Blackburn Works in the 1950s. These have long plate and mesh shield structure with square getter. Great tubes with the Mullard sonic signature. Some tubes have Valvo, Philips Miniwatt and Bugle Boy labels.

Quantity in Stock: 12 pcs
Price: US$ 89.00/each; US$ 185.00/matched pair

PHILIPS/Amperex ECC83 / 12AX7 Holland

PHILIPS/Amperex ECC83 / 12AX7 Holland 
Cool and rare stuff! Made between 1962 and 1971 by Heerlen/Holland factory of Philips, known as Amperex in the US. The tubes in stock have various labels such as Valvo, Philips, Philips Miniwatt, Adzam etc. These come screened for low noise and microphonics.

Quantity in Stock : 22 pcs
Price : US$ 119.00/ea ; US$ 244.00/matched pair        

NOS TESLA 6189 / ECC802S

NOS TESLA 6189 / ECC802S
Made in 1970s, Czechoslovakia. An excellent copy of the famous Telefunken ECC802S.  No label imprinted on the tubes since these were imported for gov't & military use to the West during those early cold-war days. Those imported to the US was labeled as "6189" (12AU7WA) and those to Europe as ECC802S.  

Quantity in Stock: 24 pcs
Price: US$ 70.00/each; US$ 145.00/matched pair

RCA 7025 / 12AX7

RCA 7025 / 12AX7
7025 is the lower hum and noise version of the famous RCA 12AX7. The tubes in our stock are those selected by Kalart Victor for their 16mm movie sound projector. All of these, except one for display, are still in sealed original packages. 

Quantity in Stock: Out of Stock!
Price: US$ 125.00/each

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