PHILIPS/Amperex ECC83 / 12AX7 Holland

PHILIPS/Amperex ECC83 / 12AX7 Holland 
Cool and rare stuff! Made between 1962 and 1971 by Heerlen/Holland factory of Philips, known as Amperex in the US. The tubes in stock have various labels such as Valvo, Philips, Philips Miniwatt, Adzam etc. These come screened for low noise and microphonics.

Quantity in Stock : 22 pcs
Price : US$ 119.00/ea ; US$ 244.00/matched pair        

NOS TESLA 6189 / ECC802S

NOS TESLA 6189 / ECC802S
Made in 1970s, Czechoslovakia. An excellent copy of the famous Telefunken ECC802S.  No label imprinted on the tubes since these were imported for gov't & military use to the West during those early cold-war days. Those imported to the US was labeled as "6189" (12AU7WA) and those to Europe as ECC802S.  

Quantity in Stock: 24 pcs
Price: US$ 70.00/each; US$ 145.00/matched pair

RCA 7025 / 12AX7

RCA 7025 / 12AX7
7025 is the lower hum and noise version of the famous RCA 12AX7. The tubes in our stock are those selected by Kalart Victor for their 16mm movie sound projector. All of these, except one for display, are still in sealed original packages. 

Quantity in Stock: Out of Stock!
Price: US$ 125.00/each

Mullard ECC83 / 12AX7 Blackburn, Gt. Britain

Mullard ECC83 / 12AX7 Blackburn, Gt. Britain
Manufactured by Blackburn Works factory of Mullard during the 1960s, and are becoming nearly impossible to find in this pristine NOS conditions. These tubes are praised for their smooth and warm sound. As shown in the pictures the tubes in stock are labeled and mostly boxed for other brands such as Philips, Pope, Siemens, Valvo, Amperex, Hytron, Webcor, HP and Trigon.

Quantity in Stock: 36 pcs
Price: US$ 149.00/each; US$ 305.00/matched pair

PHILIPS TS65 / VALVO 6201 / E81CC Triple Mica Pinched Waist

PHILIPS TS65 / VALVO 6201 / E81CC Triple Mica Pinched Waist
The TS stands for "Telefonica Serie". These premium telecom tubes are simply VALVO 6201 / E81CC Triple Mica Pinched Waist. Made by Hamburg factory of VALVO for telephone networks in Europe...ultra rare and an ultimate spec of its kind. These are durable, low noise, long life tubes with triple mica, D-getter, gold pins and pinched waist. The factory codes of the tubes in stock are "k11 D7G1 and 2".  Best of the best!!

Quantity in Stock : 6 pcs
Price : US$ 195.00/each ; US$ 395.00/matched pair   

TELEFUNKEN ECC801S / 12AT7WA Triple Mica

TELEFUNKEN ECC801S / 12AT7WA Triple Mica
One of the best of its kind. These have triple mica and diamond mark in the bottom. Their production date to the 1960s and early 70s. All of them are pull-outs from military equipment. Some of these are labeled as ECC81, some 12AT7WA and some other as RSD 801S. We selected those tested around very good for you to enjoy. Screened for low noise and microphonics!

Quantity in Stock: 15 pcs
Price: US$ 89.00/each; US$ 182.00/matched pair    


Philips/VALVO E80CC 
A ruggedized double triode of frame grid construction introduced in 1957. This type was manufactured only in Holland by Philips/Amperex and in Hungary by Tungsram. Technically it is similar to ECC82/12AU7 with slightly different operating parameters and double the filament current requirements. It is nowadays a popular replacement for 12AU7 as long as its EL84-like size and power transformer capacity allows. The E80CC is my personal favorite 12AU7. These tubes have halo getter and gold pins, and sound like a Telefunken ECC802S on steroids that means an absolute audiophile hi-end!! Strongly recommended! These were made by Heerlen factory in Holland, and labeled for VALVO. These come screened for noise and microphonics.
Quantity : 10 pcs
Price : US$ 99.00/each; US$ 204.00/matched pair
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