Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8/ECC88 Holland

Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8/ECC88 Holland
Made in 1967 by Philips factory of Heerlen/Holland. These have small halo getter with orange globe logo. If you want real NOS in MINT condition at bargain price, these are the tubes for you. Sonically like Bugle Boys. All tubes in stock have the same date/factory batch codes. Close matched pairs and quads available.
Quantity in Stock : 6 pcs                  
Price : US$66.00/each  (Add $5.00 for matched sections/balanced triodes)


  1. Dear Koray,

    I received the tubes sooner than I expected, and am very pleased with sound quality of Amperex Orange Globe tubes.

    I will be ordering few more pairs of these tubes, shortly ... thanks/e

  2. For those who maybe concerned with ordering these and shipping them overseas, I can attest that the transaction was flawless, and the tubes arrived in perfect condition. I am very much enjoying, and looking to order more.

    Tj Lepkowski USA

  3. Tubes arrived in good order and good time frame. GE6DJ8/ECC88
    & Sylvania JAN12AT7WC, good price and NEW tubes, sound great, good price and no problem transaction. Will buy again.

  4. I got some tubes off you last year & I thank you for taking care of me when I contacted you.
    Regards,Tom Kelly


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