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SYLVANIA JAN 12AT7WC / 6201 & 12AT7WA - WB
Milspec 12AT7 made in 1971, USA.Very reliable, long life and good sounding tubes. A nice upgrade to all current production 12AT7 tubes. Also, we have earlier NOS 12AT7WA and WB versions in white boxes at lower price.. Available in matched pairs and quads.

Quantity in Stock : More than 150 pcs
Price :  JAN 12AT7WC in original box @ US$13.00/each
            (Add $3.00/each for balanced sections)
           10 pcs bulk @ US$100.00
          JAN or JG 12AT7WA and WB in new white box @ US$10.00/each
          (Add $3.00/each for balanced sections)
          10 pcs bulk @ US$85.00        


  1. Many thanks to Koray for ability to compare US 12AT7 with European ECC81 for adequate price.

    Best place in www for tube shopping.
    Highly recommended.

  2. Koray is great to deal with - Bought a matched pair of these tubes for my hifi preamp - They sound terrific, and the price was very fair - Thank you!

  3. The sylvania 12at7 is really a bargain at this price. It sounds perfect in my fender driver .

    Thanks to Koray!!


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