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RCA 6SN7GT / GTB Late 1950's and 1960's USA
The common features of the tubes in this group are : Clear Glass, Staggered Black Plates and D-Getters. All of these have been screened for low noise and microphonics. Due to the limited quantity on hand, they are individually priced as pairs and singles as follows :

Quantity in Stock : 2 pcs
Prices :

- RCA 6SN7GTB Late 1960's, short bottle, black plates, side D-Getter w/balanced sections @ US$32,00/each; US$66,00/matched pair

- RCA 6SN7GTB Late 1960's, Red Label, short base, black plates, bottom D-Getter w/balanced sections @ US$39,00/each; US$80,00/matched pair

- RCA 6SN7GTB Early 1960's, Red Label, black plates, bottom D-Getter w/balanced sections @ US$42,00/each; US$86,00/matched pair

- RCA 6SN7GTB Late 1950's, Silver Label, black plates, bottom D-Getter w/balanced sections @ US$45,00/each

- RCA 6SN7GT 1950's, Silver Label, black plates, copper grid posts, bottom D-Getter w/balanced sections @ US$48,00/each; US$98,00/matched pair

1 comment:

  1. Great Tubes. perfect condition and they sound great , just what I expected.
    Ordering and delivery went as smooth as the tubes sound.
    Thank you Koray


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