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Bendix 6106 / 5Y3WGTA

Bendix 6106
World famous Bendix Red Bank tube!! The premium top notch 5Y3 from around early 1950s... Used in missiles and is made to live forever with their milled ceramic heater insulators, and rugged, beautiful construction. 6106 is an indirectly heated 5Y3, filament current reduced to 1.7A, uprated to 1550 volts. Their sonics offer a very tight bass and very dynamic response. Currently we have only a large stock of Heintz and Kaufman 5Y3WGTA and United Electron 6106 branded ones. Tubes with  matched sections are available.

Quantity in Stock : 30+ pcs
Price : US$43.00/each
(Please add $5.00 for matched sections)


  1. P.E.R.F.E.C.T !!!

    Damien / Geneva / Switzerland

  2. Great communication, fast shipment, brilliant tube!!

    Jacco/ Netherlands

  3. Best 5Y3 I have ever used! Fast shipment!
    Thank you Koray!!

  4. Fantastic tubes and equally fantastic service level for shipment and packaging.

    I shall buy more from you! :)

    Michael / Singapore

  5. I'm interested in buying this.


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