VALVO & SIEMENS E80L / Holland
Made in 1969 by Philips-Amperex plant Heerlen/Holland. These are under several labels, mostly Valvo and Siemens but all from the same factory with gold pins. The E80L is a special quality audio output pentode designed for use in industrial equipment where stability of characteristics and long life are required. The heater is suitable for AC or DC operation. The anode dissipation is 8 Watts and the amplification factor (μ) is 21.5. As a single ended class A amplifier the E80L will deliver 2.7 Watts. For two tubes operating in class AB push-pull an output of 5.7 watts is achievable with 3% total distortion. A great output tube for DIYers!!!

Quantity in Stock : More than 100 pcs!
Price : US$22.00/each

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