Sylvania JAN 6189W / 12AU7

Sylvania JAN 6189W / 12AU7
Military spec. 17mm long gray plates tube with a lifetime over 10.000 hours. Made in USA in 1977-78. Good quality at dirt cheap price! Even cheaper than current production junk...

Quantity in Stock : More than 500 pcs
Price : US$14.00/each; US$30.00/matched pair
          10 pcs or more BULK for US$120.00


  1. Got the tubes. Fast, clear, best price!
    Many thanks to Koray!

    From Russia with love. :)

  2. these fantastic tubes have become one of my favorite 82 tubes ,fantastic service and price
    thanks koray for a very good deal on some amazing tubes
    best regards gert from denmark


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