Sylvania JAN 6189W / 12AU7

Sylvania JAN 6189W / 12AU7
Military spec. 17mm long gray plates tube with a lifetime over 10.000 hours. Made in USA in 1977-78. Good quality at dirt cheap price! Even cheaper than current production junk...

Quantity in Stock : More than 50 pcs
Price : US$ 16.00/each; US$ 35.00/matched pair 


  1. Got the tubes. Fast, clear, best price!
    Many thanks to Koray!

    From Russia with love. :)

  2. these fantastic tubes have become one of my favorite 82 tubes ,fantastic service and price
    thanks koray for a very good deal on some amazing tubes
    best regards gert from denmark

  3. Matched pair of Jan 6189W
    Tubes came rapidly to my home despite Corona situation. Thank you, Koray!
    Few initia words on tubes,
    they replaced fairly new Tesla ecc802s. After between five and seven hours of reproducing music I think they have a bit more details, a bit wider and undoubtly deeper soundstage, in height - no changes, midbass is a tad less compared to Tesla (not to point it is lacking) and deep base is all there. Can say it is involving to listen the music trough them and that is all that matters at the end of description.
    All in all, highly recomendable sellers and pretty good unexpensive tube!
    Greetings from Croatia

  4. Bought 2 pairs of these years ago @ Koray, they still work/sound nice like day one. Now its time to try some RCA Clear Tops since I'm building two new Amps. Greets from Germany

  5. What do the two Sylvania w 6189 sounds like in a Leslie speaker


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