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Mullard GZ34/5AR4

Mullard GZ34/5AR4
Made by Mullard Blackburn factory in Gt. Britain. The last version of Mullard GZ34 with old shield logo, dating to late 1960s and very early 70s. These tubes have single O-Getter and a hole on the center guide pin of the base. Nice tubes and hard to find in such a MINT condition!

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Price : US$00.00/each


  1. Thanks Koray, All tubes arrived very safely. They are exellent condition and already deliver good sound even before maturing.
    Thanks again. I will back soon to place order for more tubes.

  2. Just received my Mullard GZ34 (7 Notch). Very well stored & protected stock! It doesn't get any more NOS than this!!! Thank you very much for your excellent testing, labeling, packaging & prompt shipment. You're the best. Hope I can get all my tube needs before too many people discover you!!! All the best & THANKS!!!

  3. Im thinking good tubes all over, good sound,I got one of those Mullard in my vox ac30,I dont no but to my ears everything got right.
    Thanks again Koray.
    Klaus Denmark

  4. (Mullard GZ34 Rectifier) Such a nice, quiet, yet strong rectifier. Much better than the Sovtek crap that came with the amplifier.

    Thanks Koray!

  5. Can a GZ34 make that much of a difference in a stereo amp? I guess I have to say yes! After a few weeks of having the tube installed, my stereo started to sing again. The bottom end came back, the sound stage widened and the upper range was clear without harshness. I can now hear my Harry James direct-to-disk albums, with his horn wailing, without any distortion. I'm just about to order a total tube replacement for my pre-amp -- 8 tubes. Koray is the greatest!

  6. Excellent valves, well packed and speedily sent out. Have performed faultlessly and made a huge difference to the sound!! Thank you Koray
    from Kerry

  7. Very good tube. Made a visible difference on the Audio Research Ref One phono stage. Warm but also resolute. Very efficient service. Highly recommended.


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