Sylvania 5AR4 / GZ34 Big Bottle-Fat Boy

Sylvania 5AR4 / GZ34 Big Bottle-Fat Boy
Milspec tubes made in 1975. These are mislabeled as 5V4GA, as it is shown in the photo. These are the same tube as those labeled 5AR4. Please see the reference photo below for comparison. The Sylvania big bottle 5AR4 can be considered as the second best to Mullard, which produces a bit more sag than the Mullard and is priced a bit less as well. If a Mullard is out of reach for you, this is the tube which would make a huge difference in the performance of your amp!

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Price : US$89.00/each


  1. This puppies work perfect in my Vibroverb Fender clone.
    Perfect package,very good deal.

  2. Excellent rectifiers! Forget Russian/Chinese GZ34's.. I used on J.C.Verdier Triode Spirit 2A3 SET amplifier this fat boys changed the sound. Well a rectifier can effect on sound of a amplifier! Yes...

    To see the tubes in action, take a look to the photo below,

    Thank you Koray!

  3. Any chance we might get a restock of these?


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