Sylvania JAN CHS 6SL7WGT 1960's Brown Base

Sylvania JAN CHS 6SL7WGT 1960's Brown Base
Military spec tubes made in the mid 1960's. We have 2 batches in stock; one stock from 1966 and another from 1967. These rugged brown base tubes have black plates and o-getters. For many audiophiles, this tube ranks within the top-five of 6SL7 type. Sounds very similar to its counterpart 6SN7WGT chrome tops: vivid and detailed. Some tubes are labeled and boxed as National Electronics/USA. Matched pairs available.

Quantity in Stock : 104 pcs
Price : Sylvania Label @ US$32.00/each ; US$66,00/matched pair
          National Label @ US$28,00/each ; US$58,00/matched pair

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  1. Koray advised me to try these fantastic Sylvania valves and they have transformed my system - it's as if everything suddenly is in focus and under control. There is also a feeling of being very close to the performers and performances. So I will be ordering another set of these little beauties. Many thanks to Koray! Eamonn Sullivan - Amsterdam


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