TUNG-SOL JAN CTL 6SN7GT / VT-231 Round Black Plates

TUNG-SOL JAN CTL 6SN7GT / VT-231 Round Black Plates
Made by Tung-Sol in 1944 and 1945. Probably the most sought-after 6SN7 variant. These have round black plates and oval top mica with black coated glass. All in original boxes and wrappings.

Quantity in Stock : 42 pcs
Price : Gain Stage @ US$ 220,00/each ; US$ 455,00/matched pair
          Driver Stage @ US$ 180,00/each ; US$ 375,00/matched pair


  1. The most musical tube is the Tung Sol 6SN7GT round plate. It's simply the best balance of everything a tube can offer , what else can I say? Exquisite detail, strong bass, glorious midrange and extended highs ,thank you Koray for these RARE JEWELS.

    Alkis Papadas


  2. Alkis Papadas, i don't think i could describe the wonders of this glorious tube better than yourself.

    Thank you Koray, it's surely a delight to listen to. I think i'll buy another and keep it as a spare.


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