TUNG-SOL JAN CTL 6SN7GT / VT-231 Round Black Plates

TUNG-SOL JAN CTL 6SN7GT / VT-231 Round Black Plates
Made by Tung-Sol in 1944 and 1945. Probably the most sought-after 6SN7 variant. These have round black plates and oval top mica with black coated glass. All in original boxes and wrappings.

Quantity in Stock : 42 pcs
Price : Gain Stage @ US$ 220,00/each ; US$ 455,00/matched pair
          Driver Stage @ US$ 180,00/each ; US$ 375,00/matched pair


  1. The most musical tube is the Tung Sol 6SN7GT round plate. It's simply the best balance of everything a tube can offer , what else can I say? Exquisite detail, strong bass, glorious midrange and extended highs ,thank you Koray for these RARE JEWELS.

    Alkis Papadas


  2. Alkis Papadas, i don't think i could describe the wonders of this glorious tube better than yourself.

    Thank you Koray, it's surely a delight to listen to. I think i'll buy another and keep it as a spare.

  3. I just received mine! Excellent tubes, after so many years, they are still in such good conditions. Tubes made in their prime years! I use a pair on my wooaudio wa22 and wa5 headphone amp. Sonic quality excellent.

    Cao Chengjie

  4. These tubes are something else. They are highly musical and they add enormous detail to the music. Have I mentioned the detail they brought? Can't mention enough..


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