Mullard EL84 / CV2975 Gt.Britain

Mullard EL84 / CV2975 Gt.Britain
Made by Mullard factory of Blackburn Works. Probably the most desirable EL84/6BQ5 ever made. Smooth, rich, warm sound with depth.  A part of our stock is labeled and boxed for Philips and the other part is British Gov't stock with CV2975 designation. Factory code of the Philips labeled tubes is kM1 B1G1. The CV2975 tubes have the factory code of kM1 B7J4. Matched pairs and quads available. Please indicate the label of your choice when placing an order.

Quantity in Stock : 2 pcs (matched pair)
Price : US$ 120,00/each; US$ 250,00/matched pair 


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  2. These are the real deal. Beautiful Blackburn tubes. They sound fantastic in my Audio Note OTO. Lush but not syrupy, dramatic. Never boring. Got a closely matched quad, well packed with lightning quick shipping.

  3. I liked the first quad so much I ordered another as a backup. The second quad is just as good as the first - same date codes and tightly matched parameters close to the first quad. Best of the best. Not many of them left in the world in this pristine condition. I am surprised they are still here.

  4. I could not resist and got another quad. It is such a joy to get truly NOS tubes of this quality and condition. EL84-wise I am now set for life :)

  5. As a new explorer of NOS tubes for my Leben CS300xs, this is one of the wishes I'm eyeing. Thanks for the level of details provided at this site.


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