Tungsram ECC82 / 12AU7

Tungsram ECC82 / 12AU7
Tungsram Company was based in Hungary. Their tubes are respected for quality workmanship and rare today. The Tungsram ECC82 is very neutral/natural sounding, it has a extended top end and tight bass. Overall very good tonal balance and clarity. Some tubes in stock are labeled for Mullard and Penta Labs.

Quantity in Stock : singles only
Price : US$ 42.00/each ; US$ 89.00/matched pair


  1. Extraordinary tube!
    I use it in an Ayon spark delta and I am impressed of dynamics and bass.
    Highly recommendend for rock music!

  2. This is a real good tube. The price is really good too.
    I combine this tube whith the Tungsram 12AX7 in the pre amp sections of
    my Rogue Cronus Magnum. Wow ! The sound is fast, precise and the soundstage now is ''Full HD''...sorry... ''Full 3D''.
    Thanks again Koray .

    Gilles from Canada

  3. great tube combined to his brother tungsram ECC83 on my primaluna dialogue 6 monoblocks. good matching.
    thank you.


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