Western Electric 396A

Western Electric 396A
396A is the legendary Western Electric variant of 5670 tubes. Our stock dates back to 1950's. As printed on the tubes, these were retested and packed in 1976. All tubes have D - Getters.
A perfect upgrade against the stock 6N3P as used in many hi-fi equipment today!

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : US$59,00/each ; US$122,00/matched pair



  1. Thanks Koray for a most excellent NOS sweet sounding 396a tube. Delivery was good considering the modest shipping charge involved. I have bookmarked your site and will be dropping back regularly in hopes of finding more gems like the WE 396a.


  2. Hi Koray,
    Received and working.. sound so much better than the chinese stock 5670 valves!!!

    Thanks very much for your support with this air strike issue.. i shall be back in the future for more valves!

    Chris Mckay

  3. Thanks Koray, All tubes arrived very safely. They are exellent condition and working very well. Besides, measurement data are attached for all tubes. Very helpful!
    I will order again very soon.
    Thanks again.

  4. very good in replying to questions and also fast postage and packed valves very well.will buy again for other valves.Roy

  5. thanks! quick delivery, good email service, and the tube has warm, smooth, terrific sound; hope to purchase more tubes soon
    f. rodriguez, spain

  6. I bought the WE 396A. A future measurement and like new.
    Support professional. I will be recommending this company in Poland.
    Thank Koray.

  7. Many thanks Koray, my WE JW 396A tubes arrived safely and quickly and are now happily installed in my amplifier and sounding very nice!

    Best wishes,

  8. Many thanks for matched pair of stunning WE 396a. They indeed are worth every penny. Also very good service, prompt responses & safe delivery.

    Best regards,
    Harri, Finland

  9. Thanks for fast delivery and service
    My WE 396a & GE 5670 Triple Black Mica arrived safely and quick.
    The tubes are in excellent condition and absolutely superb sounding.

    Best Regards and Thanks!
    Eric, Malaysia

  10. thanks again Koray! ive been trying the tube in my DAC and it sound totally OK, like the last time; and thanks for keeping the same price for me due to a too soon failure; hope to buy more tubes from you soon... f. rodriguez, Spain

  11. Thanks to Koray Bey for his helpfulness with choosing the right replacement for my chinese tubes on my preamp.
    These nos ge 5670 and 6x4 tubes have really added a new dimention to my listening experiment. I feel lucky to have Koray Bey with such a huge variety of tubes in the neighborhood and I am now looking forward to get a chance to expand my soundstage in near future.
    Thanks again.
    Ayhan fm Istanbul

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