Raytheon 12AT7WA TMBP

Raytheon JAN 12AT7WA and JAN CRP 12AT7WA Triple Mica Black Plates
Made in USA and military spec. Two batches in stock, one from 1963, another from 1968. All tubes have triple mica, black plates and o-getters. All MINT like other tubes in our stock. One of the best American 12AT7s. These are quite strong and neutral, very quiet, with tight transparent bass. We consider this tube an "undiscovered" one with its sound similiar to the famous 5751 WMG. Matched pairs and quartets available.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : US$29.00/each ; US$63,00/matched pair
          (Add $5,00/each for the tubes with tight balanced sections)


  1. Tubes are perfect balanced and in mint condition.
    The sound is amazing. Very good in V6 for Phase inverter and to drive the reverb in my Vibroverb Fender Amp clone that i have buid.
    Koray is the best to find the good tube for the good place.
    Don't go on an another website for NOS tubes. With Koray, you have realy perfect NOS tube and all answer to your question about amp,electronic or tubes...
    Thanks Koray!

  2. Bought these for my Dynaco MKIV's. Very nice tubes, sections very well balanced. A+. Koray is very knowledgeable regarding tubes, easy to work with, and a incredibly nice guy. You cannot go wrong buy from the NOS Tube Store!

    Michael Norona/Tampa, Florida/USA

  3. This are accurate, noiseless and unbiased performers, remarkable double triodes for jazz trio listening.

    Nikolay / Arkhangelsk / Russia

  4. Nice performance in an Alctron modded tube microphone, cathode follower topology. Really quiet and neutral, no low level rumble or splutter, no microphonics. Thank you very much !

    Francesco Fabiano, Italy

  5. This tube is definitely better than my old genalex gold lion ecc81.. And also one of the best packing that I've ever seen. Thanks for your great service.


  6. koray always have good valves so thanks for it.

    Take a look for your HI-FI gear. Fantastic

    Perfect item for me!


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