VALVO E88CC Holland

VALVO E88CC Holland
Made by Philips-Amperex factory, Heerlen/Holland in 1964. Labeled as Valvo E88CC.  Large O-getter, gold pins. All tubes are from 1960's. Probably the most-sought after 6922/E88CC variant. As MINT as other tubes in our stock with gorgeous velvety sound!!! Matched pairs and quads available.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : US$ 0.00/each (Add $5.00 for tightly matched sections/balanced triodes)


  1. Great seller and nice recommendations. The Valvo 6922 is truly amazing in transforming my Canary CD300 (uses 2 x stock EH6922) bringing the already great sounding player a new notches up! The sound now fill with greater bass extension, dynamic and air. Will defintely buy another set. Highly recommended!


  2. Thanks Koray for great and speedy service. The Valvo E88CC is delicate, nuanced and good at defining spacial cues. The Philips SQ is probably meatier in the bass but perhaps less mellifluous overall. Both very quiet with no microphony. I think choosing one over the other is difficult and dependent on the system as a whole. Both highly recommended.

    (South Africa)

  3. Hi Koray, thank you so mutch for the fast delivery and like
    allways, the fantastic tubes in pristine condition!
    Philipp, Switzerland


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