RCA JAN CRC 6SL7GT Smoke Glass
Military spec tube, made in the 1950's. All tubes have black base, black plates and smoke glass. One of the better sounding 6SL7s. Matched pairs available.

Quantity in Stock : Out of |Stock!
Price : Grade A @ US$42,00/ea ; US$89,00/matched pair
          Grade B @ US$37,00/ea ; US$79,00/matched pair
          Grade C @ US$17,00/ea ; US$39,00/matched pair

Grade A - The best in the stock. Lowest noise and microphony with the tightest balanced sections we have available. This is typically 10% or often tighter given the large volumes of our stock.
Grade B - Low noise and microphonics with a section balance typically between 15% and 20%, but may be higher depending on available stock.
Grade C - Lowest noise but slightly microphonic. Section balance will be similar to Grade A or B. This grade is only suitable for use in the driver stage of an amplifier, or the output/buffer stage of a DAC or CD Player.


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