RFT ECC82 / 12AU7

RFT ECC82 / 12AU7 East Germany
Funkwerk/Neuhaus RFT tubes were made in East Germany throughout the cold-war era. Then many Eastern Block made tubes were bought through western contractors by NATO for military use. Such tubes often were labeled by those re-brander/contractors. These are quality tubes on budget and come screened for noise and microphonics!! All kinds of matching available.

Quantity in Stock : 56 pcs
Price : US$ 16.00/each; US$ 34,00/matched pair
          (Add $3,00/each for the tubes w/ balanced sections)


  1. I bought a pair of RFT ECC82s. Boy, are they NOS, with shiny straight pins. They happen to sound great in their use, but of course, that's subjective and shouldn't be of too much interest to you. But the product, the testing, the price and the service were all first rate. Koray is great to deal with, and obviously cares about his customers. This page is being bookmarked!

  2. Surprisingly this tube has a wide and deep stage! a wonderful balance from top to bottom. And unbelievably cheap. Compared to my reference RCA clear top, I can live happily with both.

  3. Great valve for little marshall 1 watt amplifer power stage,cheap and professionally packed and shipped!


  4. Superb tube and superb service as ever from Koray. Ordered one day with express shipment option and delivered in Spain next day.

  5. Clear low noise tubes! Prices are still low with this kind of tubes. NOS for sure, no doubt. Koray is great, I do not buy frequently and he still spends time answering my email in details.



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