General Electric JAN 5654W / 6AK5 1970's and 80's

General Electric JAN 5654W 1970's and 80's
A miniature 7-pin sharp-cutoff pentode. Very popular tube for head phone amplifiers and tube buffers such as Little Dot amps, Yaqin CDs, Grant Fidelity and Dark Voice. These have gray plate with halo getter on top. A good upgrade to the 6J1 stock tubes. Matched pairs available.

Quantity in Stock : 67 pcs
Price : US$6,50/each


  1. I like your website, especially the photos of the actual vacuum tubes...

  2. Tubes arrived today (well, technically yesterday) and sound great. Reminiscent of a GE 5Star.

  3. I bought a matched pair of GE 5654w and changed my 6j1 preamp stock tubes. I really feel I'm listening to music right now! :) -Very smooth detailed, clean, impressive tones.-

    *Excellent service and communication. I recommend "Nos Tube Store" Thank you Mr. Kural.



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