SYLVANIA JAN 5654W/6AK5W Black Plate

SYLVANIA JAN 5654W/6AK5W Black Plate
A miniature 7-pin sharp-cutoff pentode. Very popular tube for head phone amplifiers and tube buffers such as Little Dot amps, Yaqin CDs, Grant Fidelity and Dark Voice. These milspec tubes have black plate with halo getter on top. A good upgrade to the 6J1 stock tubes. Only pull-out tubes (from military equipment) available. These test new and come in white boxes. Matched pairs available.

Quantity in Stock : Singles only!
Price : US$6,00/each


  1. Very nice tube for Little Dot MK III.
    Excellent service and tube matching.
    Highly recommended tube store!


  2. I bought two of these and after replacing with old tubes open and detailed sound easily noticed.


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