RCA 5R4GY Brown Base 1950's
Beautiful rectifier tubes from 1950's. These have smooth black plates, square gettersand support rods. Preferable in place of 5U4 over 5U4GB with its more airy and clearer sound. Some tubes are labeled and boxed for Lewis and Kaufman/Gatos. All NOS and MINT!

Quantity in stock : 4 pcs
Price : US$ 49.00/each


  1. The RCA 5R4GY Brown Base 1950's arrived well packed and in perfect condition.
    Good service and quick response to my email's
    As for the sound .. lovely and smooth but with
    inner detail.
    I will be a return customer.
    Peter - Western Australia

  2. Thanks for the great rectifiers RCA 5R4GY Brown Base 1950's .
    Perfect service , quick response to emails and shipped very fast .
    And these rectifiers are real NOS .
    I wil return as a customer for more of these or other NOS tubes .
    Rob - Netherlands


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