BRIMAR GZ32 / 5V4G / CV1863

BRIMAR GZ32 / 5V4G / CV1863
A full wave rectifier tube by Brimar/England largely used in guitar amps. Also, one of the best rectifier choice for Quad II amplifiers. Have both brown and black base types. Our stock tubes are mostly labeled and boxed for Teonex/England and Haltron/ England.

Quantity in Stock : 4 pcs
Price : US$45.00/each


  1. I just received a pair of Brimar-Teonix GZ32/5V4G rectifiers and installed them in my home-built JTM45 guitar amp. These are awesome tubes for the price! Thanks Koray for providing such great NOS tubes at unbeatable prices! NOSTubeStore is the best!

  2. I use a Brimar 5V4G in my Woo Audio WA6 tube headphone amp and it performs superbly. Tight deep bass, smooth mid and highs, and good dynamics when combined with the 6SN7's.


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