6C4 / 6C4WA / 6100 US BRANDS

6C4 / 6C4WA / 6100 US BRANDS
The 6C4 is a miniature, medium-mu triode approximately similar to one section of 12AU7. It is useful as a local oscillator in high frequency circuits and as a power amp in RF circuits. It is a common tube in Conrad Johnson and some Heathkit amps. We have a wide variety of military stock Sylvania, GE tubes with production dates from early 1950's to the 1980's under original and several relabeler brandnames such as Heintz and Kaufman, United, National.

Quantity in Stock : More than 200 pcs
Prices : US$ 6.00/each - two mica gray plate tubes from 1970-80s
            US$ 8.00/each - long gray and triple mica gray plate tubes from 1960s
            US$ 10.00/each - long black plate tubes from 1950s & 1960s
            (Add $2.00 for matching service)

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  1. This tube type was used as a reverb driver for my Gibson Falcon amp. I found that the triple mica grey plate versions sounded the best to my ears. The Landsdale black plate also sounded really good.


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