Brimar/Haltron/Zaerix/Ultron by Reflektor 6V6GT

Brimar/Haltron/Zaerix/Ultron 6V6GT Made in U.S.S.R. by Reflektor
Quality new old stock Russian 6V6GT tubes made by Reflektor factory under various western re-seller labels. Some tubes have Russian gov't OTK label. All same tubes with black glass. Great for guitar amps! Matched pairs and quads available.

Quantity in Stock : 25 pcs
Price : US$10,00/each ; US$25,00/matched pair


  1. I re-tubed my Mission Chicago 32-20 harp amp with a pair of these tubes. Mine came as Zaerix brand, well packaged by air mail in about 13 days from purchase. Sound wonderful having a nice early break up suitable for blues harp.

    Would order more tubes from Koray for sure.

    Gerry, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

  2. Despite the relatively low pricetag, it delivers the highest quality sound. not to mention the excellent customer support.

  3. At this price, do not hesitate, a very good alternative to actual 6V6 tubes. Sounds great in my amp. And the customer support is perfect. Thanks again.

  4. Got these in a Dr. Z, Z-28. They sound great and last a long time, will likely get another set for a Magic Amps Z1.


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