Various Brands 6AH6 / 6485

Various Brands 6AH6 / 6485
Miniature pentode tube type used as IF amplifier and can be used as a triode as well. Various brands available such as JAN GE, JAN Sylvania, RCA, JAN Raytheon, United and USAF Tung-Sol.

Quantity in Stock : More than 100 pcs
Price : US$5,00/each (GE 6AH6, Sylvania, National)
          US$9,00/each (RCA, Tung-Sol USAF, GE 6485, Raytheon and United)

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  1. I bought some GE 6485 about two months back, and I have to say these are fabulous tubes! The sound out of my amplifier has never been so natural and musical. Thank you Koray for a great order!


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