RCA JAN CRC 5Y3GT Smooth Black Plates Early 1950's
The best 5Y3 ever made by RCA. These are mil spec from early 1950's, having smooth black plates and bottom square getters. Available in original military boxes and white boxes.

Quantity in Stock : 1 pcs
Price : US$32,00/each in original boxes
          US$29,00/each in white boxes 

1 comment:

  1. I bought 2 of these.
    Period correct original Telecaster rectifier?
    Dual square getters - good for notes and strumming.
    Later made tubes seem to lose their strum in favour of "twang"
    Recommended for it's versatility.
    I also bought the single 'pinched' getter tube
    - a sound to die for !!!
    so I ordered two more to stash away


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