RCA/ATES/Italian Marconi ECC82/12AU7 Italy

RCA/ATES/Italian Marconi ECC82/12AU7 Large Gray Plates Italy
The company ATES was established in 1959 in Italy. The production started with the cooperation of RCA which was one of the major shareholders of ATES. Tubes made in the L’Aquila plant came out with the double marking RCA – ATES and were sold through RCA commercial channels. When, in the late sixties, RCA abandoned this market segment in Italy, Marconi bought the plant. These rare tubes have a construction type specific to them, with silver clips on the corners of plates. We have both square getter type from the late 1950's and O-getter type from the early-mid 1960's which are labeled for CEI.

Quantity in Stock : 2 pcs
Price : O-Getter Type @ US$29,00/each; US$62,00/matched pair
         Square-Getter Type @ US$32,00/each; US$68,00/matched pair 

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  1. I purchased the square getter type over three years ago. I am currently using it in a tube overdrive. In this application, compared to the American made version of this tube, more warmth yet still maintaining the clarity and detail RCA LGP are known for.


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