European Brands EF80 / 6BX6

European Brands EF80 / 6BX6
This pentode was used in Intermediate Frequency amplifiers for many types of equipment: radio, Radar but probably best known as the dominant workhorse of VHF television receivers. Nowadays it's popular for microphone amplifier applications. We have various European brands available. Here is a link to a very nice article about this tubes:

Quantity in Stock : 24 pcs
Prices : RFT EF80 @ US$5,00/each
           Tungsram EF80 (some labeled as Hytron 6BX6) @ US$5,00/each
           Siemens & Pope & Philips EF80 (labeled as Telefunken) @ US$10,00/each
           Mullard (1957) EF80 @ US$18,00/each
           Telefunken EF80 (<>) @ US$18,00/each

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