Matsushita 12AT7 / ECC81 Slanted Halo Getter

Matsushita 12AT7/ECC81 Slanted Halo Getter JAPAN
Made in Japan with Philips/Mullard tooling and engineering in the 1970's. These have a 45 degree angled O-getter and identical plate structure to Philips/Mullard family short plates. That's why these are often referred to as "Japanese Mullard". The tubes in stock are labeled and boxed for CEI (Calvert Electronics Inc.) and Ultron which were tube re-labeler/suppliers in the US and W. Germany. These tubes come screened for low noise and microphonics.

Quantity in Stock : 10 pcs
Price : US$ 12,00/each; US$ 25,00/matched pair 
          (Add $3,00/each for balanced sections)

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