SIEMENS E288CC W. Germany

SIEMENS E288CC W. Germany Late 1960's
Factory screened low noise, long life dual triode tube similar to 6922 and 7308 types in a little taller glass and a bit higher filament current draw. Our stock tubes feature A-frame getter and gold pins, and are mostly (100 pcs) labeled and boxed for VALVO with factory codes : 6N 3K - 6N 3J - 6N 3L. The Siemens labeled ones (10 pcs) have the following codes : 6N 3C and 6N 3D.
These tubes come screened and selected for low noise and microphonics.

Quantity is Stock : 60 pcs
Price : US$ 122.00/ea ; US$ 249.00/matched pair


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  1. Bought this tube. Arrived in good condition and sounded great! Thanks!


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