SIEMENS E80CC / 6085

SIEMENS E80CC / 6085 by Tungsram / Hungary
A ruggedized double triode of frame grid construction introduced in 1957. This type was manufactured only in Holland by Philips/Amperex and in Hungary by Tungsram. Technically it is very similar to ECC82/12AU7 with slightly different operating parameters and double the filament current requirements. It is nowadays a popular replacement for 12AU7 as long as its EL84-like size and power transformer capacity allows. The E80CC is my personal favorite 12AU7. I like both Holland and Tungsram ones. These tubes have halo getter and rhodium pins, and sound like a Telefunken ECC802S on steroids that means an absolute audiophile hi-end!! Strongly recommended! All tubes in stock are labeled and boxed for Siemens, and they are from two batches only. These come screened for noise and microphonics.

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  1. After being impressed by TELEFUNKEN ECC82 Ribbed plate (from NOS TUBE STORE) in my Audionote M3 preamplifier, this time after the recommendation by Koray Kural i replace it with 1 E80CC TUNGSRAM rebranded SIEMENS tube, with the reservation of the double current draw and i realized that this tube is very liquid in its sound with great dynamics,punch,resolution and big forward midrange. Although a little bass shy, it has super precision and clarity and incredible density in its sound and seems that will eat for breakfast all kind of ecc82 types, but still when you listen it for long time , you realize that it has similarities with solid state sound which make it a little boring , because maybe is missing some benefits of ecc82 sound as the richness and musicality . Finally I must admit that still I can't pull out this tube from my amplifier , because I don't have overall better tube than this super tube and be sure that I have almost all kind of ECC82 tubes on my hand. Alki Papadas, Athens-Greece

  2. E80CC Siemens tubes are fabulous! Very dynamic and fast with rich medium. The low medium is sharp and the highs are analytic. These tubes dope an equipment too "lethargic". They are very demonstrative and good for Jazz music rather than classical. THOIRON Bernard- FRANCE

  3. Very cool alternative to the 12AU7 and 5814. Balanced, clean mids and highs with a subdued but focused low end. Sophisticated and rich sounding with good width and imaging. Sounds lovely with ambient and classical on my system. Getting better the more it's used. Also looks cool! A great suggestion from Koray.

    Garth from New York

  4. This is one impressive tube. Even straight out of the box it sounded fantastic. Although I can see what Alki Papadas and Bernard mean, I wouldn’t compare it to solid-state sound. In my system (all Audio Note) there is no hint of sharpness to the highs—they are just very, very extended and well-resolved, and that may give the overall sound a somewhat cooler signature than what many associate with tube sound. The tube isn’t bass-shy in my system, but I have some boom in my room, which could perhaps conceal any (weak) tendency for that. Jens Astrup, Denmark.

    1. Just a quick follow-up note: The tube improves during the first 150 hours or so. It’s hard to describe as it is already good straight out of the box, but it somehow becomes more coherent from top to bottom and a bit warmer. It still won’t the right tube for an already bright-sounding system, but if you like your sound nice and detailed without edge, this is the tube for you.

  5. I use one of these in my guitar amp instead of the ecc82. It gives me a tighter bottom (no pun intended) and a richer/fuller distortion when overdriven. The mids really pop out when using this tube, which really "cuts through the mix" when playing in a jam session or band. I had to change the stand offs on which the tube socket was placed because the e80cc is a tad longer than the ecc82, but that was no problem for me what so ever.

    Id recommend this tube far more than the ecc82 in a guitar amplifier which runs overdriven. In the clean channel i personally prefer the ecc82 because of the fuller bass response and a tad less midrange.

    Iain from The Neterlands


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