Amperex JAN 7308 USA Orange Globe

Amperex JAN 7308 USA 1967 Orange Globe
Made in 1967 by Amperex New York/USA factory. These have orange print, gray riser, dual stage O-getter and gold pins. One of the most popular audiophile tubes! They come screened for noise and microphonics.
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Price : US$89,00/ea ; US$182,00/matched pair

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  1. First of all, Mr.Koray is a very kind and helpful person and our dialogue has been continued very smooth from the start to the end. I have a Pathos Acoustics Classic One Mk.II and the used tubes for pre-amplification layer on was Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold Pins. I was always complaining with belows about the sound the amp sing and very assured that there was related to pre-amp section;

    -Highs were rolled of 3/6 DbSPL. and lack of naturalness.
    -High freq. extensions was very insufficient (not airy).
    -Mids were came in front (eg:on your face) regardless of the intention of the composition.
    -Stereo channel seperation was so much insufficient that sometimes it made me think as if all the sound were going from one channel just like a mono record.
    -Although it was super fluid and full bodied, the sound were blurry regardless of genre. Instrument seperation was a little hard especially on edges and instruments were derailed off to others' zone frequently.
    - Base freqs. were uncontrolled, a little boomy and syrupy that texture details in base ferqs were all lost.
    -Stage was extremely narrow.

    So I'm not a tube rolling kind person but decided to changes the tubes regarding to aboves and decided to get Aperex JAN 7308 Orange Globe (All 7308s are performing in similar way with little differences by the way). Here my thoughts about the changes after about 15 hours of burning-in;

    -I was right and most of the symptoms had been arisen from the pre-amp layer over the tubes.
    -High freq. responses is not rolled off anymore and can be heard without any attention. Naturalness is enhanced as well (ref:cymbals).These are beyond dispute.
    -High extensions are better beyond despute.
    -Mids have gone to a little back so the positioning of mids are better now.
    -Stereo channel seperation are better beyond dispute.
    -Clarity is so much better beyond dispute.
    - Base freq control is not enhanced but the texture quality is enhanced.
    -Stage is better in view of both width and also depth beyond dispute.

    As a summary, these tubes are really a big step ahead in compersion with Electro Harmonics 6922 Gold Pins and as for me, a good choice for the symptoms that I emphasized above.


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