SIEMENS E188CC / 7308 1970's

SIEMENS E188CC / 7308 1970's
Made at Munich factory of Siemens & Halske in the 1970's. These O-getter with single support, gold pins and metal tag date codes. The Siemens E188CC / 7308 Gold Pin is an uprated version of the E88CC / 6922. Very open, detailed, musical sound! Very low noise and microphonics properties make it excellent choice for critical audio applications.

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Price : US$ 112.00/ea ; US$ 229.00/matched pair  


  1. I’ve got a pair of Siemens 188cc to use in WA2, preamp for Accuphase ( can be used as power amp as well )
    The sound is great, great bass extension, “round” and relaxed sound. Slightly different compared to Accuphase integrated preamp.
    A step forward from Genalex if compared with other tubes ...

    Highly recommend

  2. I totally agree...Great sound..You definitely can hear a round and relaxed sound..Used in a Heart CD player..CD6000 OSE LE..


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