TUNG-SOL JAN 5998 Matched Pairs

TUNG-SOL JAN 5998  Early 1960's Matched Pairs
Best of the 6080/6AS7/5998/7236 etc. family. These present a very good dynamic response with a hint of warmth and excellent deep tonal character. These are from early 1960's with top dual D-getter and black plates, except for the SET-1 with top and side O-getter. Test scores are labeled on the tube bases. You can see the test data on the right hand side.

Prices : Set-1 @ US$ 225.00 >>> SOLD!
            Set-2 @ US$ 255.00 >>> SOLD!
            Set-3 @ US$ 295.00 >>> SOLD!
            Set-4 @ US$ 275.00 >>> SOLD!
            Set-5 @ US$ 265.00 >>> SOLD!
            Set-6 @ US$ 275.00 >>> SOLD!
Set-1 : Test Data
Set-1 : Tung-Sol JAN 5998 Top and Side O-getter


Set-2 : Tung-Sol JAN 5998 Top Dual D-getter

Set-2 : Test Data

Set-3 : Tung-Sol JAN CTL 5998 Top Dual D-getter

Set-3 : Test Data

Set-4 : Tung-Sol JAN 5998 Top Dual D-getter

Set-4 : Test Data

Set-5 : Tung-Sol JAN 5998 Top Dual D-getter

Set-5 : Test Data

Set-6 : Tung-Sol JAN 5998 Top Dual D-getter

Set-6 : Test Data


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