SYLVANIA VT-25 / 10 Pairs

SYLVANIA VT-25 / 10 Pairs
VT-25/10 is one of the early high vacuum triode tube suitable for use as an audio-frequency amplifier. These Sylvania  pairs have identical internals and are Thoriated Tungsten Filament type with the warm bring glow that looks really stunning in any audio amplifier. Tested on the Amplitrex AT-1000 tester with reference to the following manufacturers tube data :
Va = 250v
Vg = 18,5v
Vh = 7,2v
Ia = 10,0mA (corresponding to 100%)
Test scores are labeled on the bases.
Matched Pair @ US$ 210,00
Matched Pair Test Data

Sylvania @ US$ 85,00 & GE @ US$ 99,00
Sylvania & GE VT-25 Test Data

Matched Pair (1 w/National label) @ US$ 230,00
Matched Pair (1 w/National label) Test Data

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