About Us

We are a tube/hi-fi dealer located in Ankara/Turkey. We carry a huge stock of vintage electronic parts sourced mainly from military surplus collected worldwide. Almost for a decade until 2009 we were a wholesale supplier to the major tubes and parts dealers/resellers worldwide.

In 2009 we decided to retail as well... and here we are as a first hand source for quality nos tubes and parts. What are the PROS and CONS of our decision?

Cons For Us :
1. Almost doubled work hours due to painstaking effort given to every individual tube.
2. The cost of hiring one more employee.

Pros For Us :
1. Nominally little increase in profit margin regardless of wherever it goes and fades away...
2. Pleasure of being directly in touch with audiophiles and guitar players and having 100% satisfied customers worldwide.

Pros For Customers :
Reaching a FIRST HAND source with huge stock where the tubes;
1. are really NOS (even untouched in many cases) and not picked up in "one from here and another from there" manner as many e-bay resellers do
2. have same factory codes
3. given the stock volumes available, can be "matched" in real sense of the word
4. have actual photos displayed on the site
5. have reasonable prices.

Cons For Customers :
1. Tendency to invest more on tube gear??? :-)
2. Kindly tell us if any so that we can do our best to clear away.

Only a part of our actual inventory has been listed up on the site. So, for the tubes you look for but not listed yet, please check back later or simply e-mail us specifying your requests.
Thanks for your time.

Koray Kural

Kibris sok. 4/25 Guvenevler, Cankaya  Ankara/Turkey

+90 532 3757942


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