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  1. How long to California after pymt. W/ PayPal.?

  2. hola buenas tardes.
    tengo un amplificador ICON AUDIO 6as7, con válvulas de previo 2x 6SN7GT BRIMAR GREY PLATES Y ORANGE LABELS, y 1x VT-229 CHS JAN 1940,s de Sylvania. Me gustaría, si es posible, mejorar en dichas válvulas, sobre todo que tenga unos agudos mas dulces pero sin perder presencia. El amplificador lo tengo asociado con unas cajas Klipsch heresy III.
    muchas gracias

  3. Hello good afternoon.
    I have an ICON AUDIO 6as7 amplifier, with 2x 6SN7GT BRIMAR GRAY PLATES AND ORANGE LABELS preamp valves, and 1x VT-229 CHS JAN 1940, Sylvania s. I would like, if possible, to improve on these valves, especially if you have sweeter treble but without losing presence. I have the amplifier associated with some Klipsch heresy III boxes.
    thank you

  4. Do you guys only sell tubes which are shown on this website? Or there are tubes which I could request for to buy?


  5. Hello ,
    I'm looking for two sets of quads!
    (4x 12AX7 MATCHED)
    (4X 12AT7 MATCHED)
    What do you suggest please?


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