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TUNGSRAM EL84 / 6BQ5 Hungary

TUNGSRAM EL84 / 6BQ5 Hungary
A power pentode tube. And, another excellent product from Tungsram. These are from 1960 and 70's. The VTV Magazine Issue 8 finds this tube  "harmonically rich  with a nice hard-rock sound" for guitar amps. Their review for hi-fi amps says :  "It was actually a great performer. This EL84 had lots of air and was very 3-dimensional sounding. It also had lots of punch and great tonal balance. The Tungsram EL84 was very enjoyable and musically involving."
Please note that the intensive silvery metallic deposit/flashing on the inside of the glass, around the dual plate holes are not burn marks, but these are magnesium fall-outs originated during manufacturing. This is something peculiar to some Tungsram tubes including EL84's. Existence and form of the flasing vary from tube to tube. A part of the stock are labeled for Haltron, RSD and Philips.
Quantity in Stock : 50 pcs
Price : US$46,00/each; US$97,00/matched pair


  1. I have compared the Tungsrams with UK Mullard EL84.

    The Tungsrams are indeed great rock tubes - powerful slam and dynamics and a nice growl. The Mullards are more subtle, better suited for jazz and classical, I think.

  2. Thank for these fine tubes. Will save some and buy another quad from you.


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