Philips EL84

Philips EL84
Made by the Philips-BEL factory India. Classic Philips/Amperex sound... NOS in original boxes. Tight matching possible due to the large stock available.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : US$39.00/each ; US$84,00/matched pair


  1. Just received my shipment which included 4x RFT EL84 & 4x Philips EL84. Very well stored & protected stock! It doesn't get any more NOS than this!!! Also the matching was done superbly. Thank you very much for your excellent testing, labeling, packaging & prompt shipment. You're the best. Hope I can get all my tube needs before too many people discover you!!! All the best & THANKS!!!

  2. This is a amazing tube,got 4 Philips EL84
    matching was perfect,sounds super in my wox ac 30 top boost,breaks up sings and cry like I want them to.
    Thanks Koray.
    My Best Klaus Denmark


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