The RFT EL84 is a rugged tube that was made in East Germany. This tube is clear and detailed without being bright or etched. The RFT EL84 tends to overdrive easy making it a good choice for hard rock and blues. These may also be branded as Funkwerk Erfurt, Glotron, Globus, Neuhaus etc...
Tight matching possible thanks to the size of the available stock.

Quantity in Stock : Singles Only!
Price: US$31.00/each ; US$66,00/matched pair


  1. Koray matched a pair of these for me
    very well made NOS tubes
    will go very well in my Vox AC15 build
    recommended buy !
    thanks Koray

  2. A pair of these tubes installed in my modified Pro Jr. harp amp sound so much smoother with much less of a harsh edge than the stock Fender tubes.

    The only reservation I have about recommending them is that I'd like to buy them all up to keep them a secret from other harp players. ;o)

    Gerry Ferns – Canada


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