Bendix 5992

Bendix 5992 "Red Bank" 1950's
Rugged military version of 6V6GTY, made by the Bendix Aviation Corporation in the 1950s.  Our stock has been relabeled by Lewis and Kaufman and gov't boxed in 1976. These tubes have thick glass, triple mica, short box type blackplate, dual top D getters. This is a plug-and-play replacement for any 6V6 tube. These were built to be very durable. The 5992 tube's heater has a 45 second warm-up time. An awesome sounding tube in both guitar amps and hi-fi systems! They have excellent detail, deep bass, and extended highs. The rarest and the best sounding 6V6 ever made! Matched pairs and quads available.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : US$ 0.00/each


  1. Wow! That's all I can say for a while... Just received my package including 6 of these un-obtanium 5992s and I'm in sonic heaven!!! Thank you very much for your excellent testing, labelling, packaging & prompt shipment. You're the best. Hope I can get all my tube needs before too many people discover you!!! All the best & THANKS!!!

  2. Perfect package. Tubes are in perfect condition and real NOS. The sound is amazing. I realy recomand the tubes of Koray. Probably the best tubes seller on the net. Thanks for all Koray.

    Damien / Geneva / Switzerland

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  4. Awesome pair of true NOS Bendix Red Bank 5992, matched to ~1%! Great service and product, Koray is one of the web's best tube dealers!


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