Telefunken 12AU7 / ECC82 (<>)

Telefunken 12AU7 / ECC82 Ribbed Plates West Germany (<>)
Military Production tubes with Bundeswehr (BW) and/or Falcon Logo and MINT condition. If you want detailed sound with high resolution this is the tube for you. These are Berlin factory production from late 1950's and early 1960's. All NOS - BRAND NEW with diamond bottom and we have more than fifty pcs in stock. All tubes are low noise, microphonics free and test excellent! Tight matched pairs, trios and quads available.

Quantity in Stock : Out of Stock!
Price : US$ 90.00/each ;  US$ 190.00/matched pair


  1. got the TELEFUNKEN ECC82!
    fast & reasonable shipping cost.
    and more importantly, the ECC82 are awesome!
    very recommended seller, don't hesitate to buy from NOS Tube Store!
    surely will buy again from NOS Tube Store next time I need NOS tube.

    thank you & God bless!

  2. Hi Koray, The tubes arrived 2days ago safely packed.I'd like to thank you for providing good quality valves at reasonable prices.These are my second purchases from you and I will in future make more
    Thanks Bob

  3. Great tubes - great tube store
    will definately buy from again
    why wouldn't you ?

  4. koray do excellent maching and excellent measurments...i ordered 4 more pairs Thanks

  5. Hi Koray,
    I've received the Telefunken ECC82 yesterday.
    They arrived in very good condition, and sound excellent.
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Fantastic tubes and where very fast delivered to the Netherlands. Thanks! Gerard

  7. Absolutely superb tubes and better service from Koray at!
    Very reliqble seller with excellent matching and measurement service. You just get what you expected to buy. By the way packing is very safe. All and all a happy rarity among tube sellers in the net. Count me as a loyal customer from now on.
    Jose (Madrid)

  8. I got these tubes in perfect condition with original boxes. I tried one of them with balanced triodes in my AUDIONOTE M3 line stage ,and VOW what a resolution , speed , focusing, dynamics ,air and transparency. This tube has airy and very extended high frequencies , 3d soundstage and unlimited dynamics , especially in the upper midrange , but also has very fast and punchy bottom end. Although, maybe it has not the Midrange purity of TELEFUNKEN ECC82 SMOOTH PLATES, instead it is more alive and has more punch and resolution. One of the very best ecc82 of the World on behalf of the famous TFK ecc83 ribbed plates , which by the way, I Iike them better than incredibly expensive TFK ecc802s and ecc803s.... Alki Papadas, Athens - Greece

  9. Hello.
    I would like to purchase a telefunken ecc82 nos matched pair. Will there be any improvements left?


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